Why Ty Parent Support Course

Dyslexia Awareness Month Special $66.00 book by September 22nd

Effective, hands-on, practical strategies designed for parents to experience how their picture-thinking, bright but struggling learners see the world.  

Peaceful homework sessons are achievable – this is how!

*Max 6 participants per session


October 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st
November 7th
6-8pm (pacific)

Parent Support Course

The discovery that your child has a learning challenge can be a frightening, disorientating experience. Many parents feel they understand their child, but not his/her learning style.  Parents can experience the same feelings of inadequacy around helping with homework, that their children feel in school.  

Yet this need not be the end of the story. The “Gift of Dyslexia” Davis methods afford unique insights into how dyslexics think, and how they can learn. When key principles of the dyslexic learning style are understood and mastered, supporting your child’s learning can start to be effective, stress-free, and fun for both of you.

This course can be your first introduction to some of the Davis methods, or an ‘add-on’ to the post-Davis-program support training.  One parent, whose child had taken both a reading and a Math program said “I thought I knew what I was doing, but taking this Why Ty course took my understanding to a whole new level.”

These six, weekly practical sessions, presented by Sue Hall, devised by Richard Whitehead and endorsed by Ronald D. Davis, are the journey that will make this happen. As a dyslexic herself, a Davis Facilitator of 24 years, author of Fish Don’t Climb Trees and TEDx Speaker March 2021, Sue has enjoyed both the classical Davis approach and experimenting with approaches to learning  for picture-thinkers. 

IF you know for sure that your child has dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, ADD or ADHD, think of this course as you are dipping your toes into their world, rather than being equipped to correct their challenges.  

Sue looks forward to you joining this course, meeting other parents and your new-found support system.

What you will learn

Session 1: Confused

  • Your journey as the parent of a bright but struggling learner.
  • The role of confusion in a learning difficulty.
  • The Davis Release procedure.

Session 2: Gifts and Problems

  • The talents that go with learning challenges.
  • How can a talent cause a problem?
  • Word thinking and picture thinking.

Session 3: How do dyslexics think and learn?

  • The concept of disorientation and its role in a learning challenge.
  • The problem with ‘if’.
  • The Davis Create-A-Word procedure.

Session 4: Learning for Picture Thinkers

  • Visualisation for reading comprehension
  • Punctuation as a reading skill
  • Retention of what has been read
  • Why Clay?
  • The Davis Picture-At-Punctuation and Symbol Mastery techniques.

Session 5: Going Deeper

  • Picture-At-Punctuation: fiction and fact.
  • Dictionaries: their power for picture-thinkers.
  • Symbol Mastery on subject-specific vocabulary.
  • Picturing technical definitions.

Session 6: Pulling it all together

  • Comprehensive course review.
  • Creating a complete support strategy for your bright but struggling child

Dates:  6 weeks, on Tuesdays, 

October 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st, November 7th

6-8pm (Pacific) 

Sue asked a recent attendee for one word to describe her take-away from the course. "Compassion" the parent answered, tearing up, "Now I know how he learns and how he'd been asked to learn in the past were different".

Register by September 22nd

To register email suehall@positivedyslexia.com or call  604 614 4958


NOW! $66.00CAD

Pricing after October:

Individual Attendance $250 CAD

Discounted price for parents whose children have taken a Davis program  $200 CAD

The sessions will not be recorded.  Max group size is 6.


6 – 2hr sessions, Why Ty book and Why Ty Workbook

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