Fellowship of the Gift

Children who have completed a Davis Dyslexia Correction Program are invited to join the Fellowship of the Gift, under the auspices of The Whole Dyslexic Society – see www.thewds.org.community.  We meet as often as we can to take part in activities such as a claymation workshop, building a snow cave, llama trekking, sky diving, visiting a bio-dynamic farm, snow-shoeing taking part in the UBC ropes course, kayaking, horse riding and curling. Each year we have a Family Summer Camp weekend – we’ve been to Camp Elphinstone at Gibsons, Camp Latona, Camp Jubilee, Camp Bow-Isle. There is so much to be gained from being with like-minded people, the children can relax, knowing that everyone else thinks like they do, and has had similar challenges. The energy generated is quite special and much appreciated by all who take part, and those who provide their services. Both parents and children enjoy the activities, the parents get a chance to share their experiences, and everyone has fun!