After the Interview/Assessment:

“Thank you for spending that golden hour with me. My brain is CHANGED! I’ll be in touch.”

~ SM

After the program:

“These Methods Really Work!

Three years ago a boy in Kindergarten was struggling with reading and letter reversals.

His Kindergarten teacher could see how smart he was, and was saddened to see the gap between his intelligence and his skills. She went to listen to Ron Davis talk about ‘The Gift of Dyslexia’ and shortly afterwards, the boy took a Davis Reading Program for Young Learners.

The teacher took a Davis Learning Strategies Workshop so she could reach all the children in her class, regardless of their learning style. She is now a powerful advocate of these skills – she loves to see her children reaching their July outcomes by the previous November. She loves seeing them ask to stay in at recess to write stories. She loves that the children with the gift of dyslexia are catered for, and she is pleasantly surprised to see that the typical linear-sequential learners are having to be more creative.

Recently, three years after his program, thanks to the support he received at home and at school, the boy (according to the Vancouver School Board testing – WISC-IV, WIAT-III, PAL-II-RW, BRIEF, and Woodcock-Johnson III) is no longer dyslexic. Of course this is impossible – thankfully he will always be dyslexic and enjoy his gift of altered perceptions, but what the testing is saying, is that he is perfectly capable of meeting the required expectations; and that is because he is now a ‘corrected dyslexic’ and able to use his tools and skills to do what everyone else is doing.”

~ Philip, Parent of ‘Corrected’ Dyslexic

“All the things they say should happen after the program, have happened. It’s made a huge difference in his reading and writing. As a parent I can endorse it 100 percent. I don’t work with dyslexic kids myself, but I’ve never seen anything like this program.”

~ Bob Lee, Headmaster, Parent of ‘Corrected’ Dyslexic


6 Months Later:

“His level of self-confidence has gone up at school this year, he is doing better in class, he scored high on a science test and has thwarted the moves of a school bully. He told me that in science he could close his eyes and see the formula for a chemical compound that he needed to know!”

~ Mother of ‘Corrected’ Dyslexic Teen – 6 months after program

“When reading he now has maybe one incidence of spelling out per page – a lot fewer than 6 months ago. In Math he no longer reverses any numbers whatsoever. He is much clearer in his thinking and his reading is coming along quite nicely – he sees himself as a good reader and is often found reading comics! He is also able to recognize when he ‘goes off’ and get himself back.”

~ Mother of ‘Corrected’ Dyslexic

One Year later:

“My dyslexia was like a wound; in the past I’ve been given band-aids for it – now (having completed a Davis Dyslexia Correction(R) Program) I know how to heal it myself.”

~ GH – ‘Corrected’ Dyslexic – at age 10

“Thank you so much for bringing the Davis Program to our community. I feel very blessed and I am so relieved. The anxiety of the last 3 years is starting to fade away as I can see how enjoyable reading is becoming for my daughter. The fact that she is reading in such a short time tells me that hard times are behind us. I would recommend this program to anyone who has a child struggling to read and comprehend in school. It has been the answer for us.”

~Mother of an 8yr old ‘corrected’ dyslexic girl

“I feel smarter every day and I’m proud of myself.”

~The 8yr old daughter

“Ron Davis’ training took my son from deciding never to learn to read to fully reading in a very short time. I remember him telling me when he was six years old, ‘I don’t have to learn to read, I will have people read for me.’ At 16 he is now in the Grade 11 Science Co-op program with straight A’s. I am truly grateful for the Ron Davis philosophy and the wonderful tutelage of Sue Hall who facilitated the program for my son.

The public school system still has a long way to go before children with a non-conventional way of seeing the world and a non-conventional way of learning are able to learn to the best of their ability. Trying to teach my son to print and handwrite using traditional methods only resulted in tears and frustration from a lack of success and from the punishment and humiliation he endured. During his elementary years he would come home crying many times from a day spent with teachers who tried to get him to do something using a method that worked for linear thinkers and then punishing him for not being able to or belittling him by accusing him of being lazy or not trying. To be fair to teachers, many were frustrated themselves because they lacked the tools to help.”

~ From a Mom


During the Program:

“After we left here, I read a book with 29 chapters and 152 pages! I actually enjoyed it ‘cos I could read!”

“I’m glad that I’m a corrected dyslexic because it gives me more choice on how to do my school work and lets me know I’m really smart and creative. I can do anything that a normal person can do. I have ways of getting rid of the anger, frustration and can deal with the bullying I get.”

~ NC – ‘Corrected’ Dyslexic – at age 13

“It (the program) was like heaven, heavenly school. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have dyslexia because so many people say…he’s doing well in spite of his dyslexia…and they just don’t understand. But you (the Facilitator) totally get it because you are dyslexic, I’m glad you’re dyslexic because you understand what it’s like. I’d choose to be dyslexic because it’s what makes me good at art, and math, it’s special, it’s a major gift.”

~ DS – ‘Corrected’ Dyslexic – at age 9

“This (the program) is the weirdest thing – this is working! I have undergone changes that mean I can now understand information in the paper world. I have the alphabet! It’s possible to be less angry, the feeling is like a freedom! Here we are at the end of the week, and something has worked. It feels like hope is planted in the soil. I will be responsible for furthering my paper understanding – that is no small feat! I am brilliant, amazing, very proud of myself, I have overcome obstacles and peril, and regardless. I will continue.”

~ AJ – ‘Corrected’ Dyslexic – adult

“It (being Oriented) feels different – everything is different. It’s (dyslexia) not a disability, it’s a difference – it has it’s upsides and it’s downsides – it’s a talent. We have a talent to be able to see things from different angles. I like having the ‘gift’. The difficulties are worth having with the gift, and they aren’t so big any more. Other programs try to make me read the way other people read – not the way I read as a dyslexic. So many different teachers have tried so many different ways. (In response to – do you think this program is going to work?) Yes, I feel more self-confident, I can read better and tell time. I’m not stupid, I am different and unique.”

~ CR – ‘Corrected’ Dyslexic – at age 12

“In school I spent a lot of time disoriented, I went through school in a daze, feeling very inadequate. This seems too easy, it so fits. Most things have been SO difficult. I just think in a different way. It’s amazing how clearly I can see the letters with my Mind’s Eye on the Point. I tried to figure it out in my head, then went On Point – it just came. It’s blowing my mind away. It’s too easy, I’m not supposed to be successful. I feel a sense of lightness and fun. I can honour that I am intelligent, and validate who I am.”

~ JH – ‘Corrected’ Dyslexic – adult

“I want to read all afternoon! When I look at a Dictionary now, I just flip through it – I can’t believe it.”

~ RB – ‘Corrected’ Dyslexic – at age 10

“This (program) guides dyslexics to a better life and I’d recommend this place 5 out of 5.”

~ TB – ‘Corrected’ Dyslexic – at age 11

After a Fundamentals of Davis Dyslexia Correction (R) Workshop

“The Davis Course has made a difference in my life, by having helpful info to offer parents and people in my own family.”

“I got so much out of it. It was actually rather life-changing! It seems that the more we know, the more there is to learn. Now that I understand that I too am dyslexic, but think in both pictures and words, there is so much to learn about recognizing the harder to recognize dyslexics. It also tells me that there must be many more people who would benefit from The Ron Davis Program than I ever thought before!”

The Light at the End of the Tunnel (taken from Fish Don't Climb Trees):

Coel received an academic scholarship at her Graduation and is at Dalhousie studying Biology. She was on the Dean’s list for her first two semesters and accepted a nomination to join the Dalhousie chapter of the Golden Key Honour Society for her 4.0GPA achievement.

Alex just graduated, and received the Dales Acknowledgement for Attitude and Perseverance. She is studying Liberal Arts at Trinity Western University.
Sierra graduated with an 88% average at the age of 16. She has been accepted into UBC’s Faculty of Arts, and plans to do two years Arts and then Architecture abroad.

Nicole baked rice krispie squares and raised $250 to benefit those who cannot always afford a Davis program. She made the honour roll and is skipping Grade 10 computers to take Grade 11 computers. As you can see from our front cover, she is a very talented graphic artist at the age of 16.

Tian became the youngest Nordic Cross Country Ski Certified Level III Coach in British Columbia.

Jamie was on the Honour Roll throughout High School, and earned the Most Valuable Player Award twice in the Earl Marriott Wrestling Team. He plans to earn a degree in robotic engineering.

Tammy has discovered she likes renovating houses, and is busy studying for her Registered Massage Therapist exams.

Juliet is outgoing, fun, athletic, and brave. She has never let her reading difficulties get her down. At the age of 11 she is a provincially ranked badminton player, plays on the school volleyball, basketball, and field hockey teams, and came in 2nd out of 300 kids in a public speaking contest. If something is going on, Juliet is “all in”!

Fraser graduated and finished his Professional Association of Diving Instructors instructor level in his “gap” year.

Caleb was awarded ‘Best Use of his Stick’ as goalie for his hockey team when he was Off Point while the puck was in play on the ice, and On Point when it came close to the net.

Nicho was tested last year and is in 99th percentile for reading. Officially, having been tested with the current outcomes, Nicho is no longer dyslexic. Thankfully we know this is cannot be true, but having addressed the cause, the symptoms are no longer apparent.

Jesiah didn’t start reading until Grade 4, and struggled in everything. Today he is thriving. He is attending an International School and has just graduated from Grade 8. He says, “I am naturally intelligent, but I would never have figured out how to use or control that in a school environment if it wasn’t for Sue and work she did with me. I think it was a turning-point my life.”
Nicola is astounding her teachers with B+ to A’s. She received Most Improved Dancer at her prestigious dance and is singing solos for her Church choir.
Hannah has consistently maintained academic honour roll since entering High School (currently in grade 10).

Annabelle couldn’t believe how many books she’d read, so she took a photograph, and posted it on Instagram.

Jack graduated and has a career in landscaping.

Spencer was “scouted” by BC Elite baseball team and attended an international tournament in Phoenix. The coaches are former MLB players and were impressed with his drive, enthusiasm and batting ability. He is also excelling in guitar and singing and is enjoying life to the fullest.

Cassidy started her Davis journey at the age of 6, and then took a Math program at age 10. She made the Honour Roll in Grade 7. In Grade 8 she helped another ‘corrected dyslexic’ through her trigger word mastery. Today she maintains a B average and reads a minimum of 50 books a year. She sings in the Gleneagle school choir, who won Gold at Disney studios last year, and in 2015 are competing in a similar competition in Cuba. She has been involved in Odyssey of the Mind since Grade 6 and her team has won 3 silver and 2 bronze medals to date. She is also a member of the Place des Arts Youth Community Council.
Nick, the young man, who decided to learn to read at the age of 14 and left home at 16 to travel in Europe, completed a degree in political science at Concordia University, Montreal, with Honours and Distinction. After considering a Masters, he decided to give his musical talent a five year window of opportunity. He is the lead singer, guitarist and lyricist for the band, Folly and the Hunter. They have just returned from a successful tour in Europe and CBC voted them the most under-played band of 2013.

George – graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Bio-Chemistry. He gained a Masters at the University of Saskatchewan. He is working on his doctorate. He still loves learning.