I have been thinking about the considerable number of you who are considering home schooling or home learning or supporting your children with online schooling. I have also had fun supporting adults with their career advancement. So I have decided to structure the rest of this calendar year to be available to work with those of you who are educating at home. The sessions that I am talking about are apart from the normal review sessions post-program, supporting your tools, reading, word mastery; they remain part of your program.

I can offer:

  • Refreshing tools, reading exercises, word mastery, comprehension.
  • Consult on chosen homeschooling program – what Davis methods/mastery would enhance.
  • Consult on adult training material – what Davis methods/mastery would enhance.
  • Choose study terms to master such as Algebra, Botany, Geography; so we know what we are doing and why.
  • Study skills – note taking, mind mapping.
  • Creating a plan for the coming term, year, exams.
  • FDCT Spelling program.
  • FDCT Time program, telling time, days of the week, months of the year.
  • FDCT Grammar, sentence structure.
  • FDCT taking Math beyond the Math program.

All of the above is designed to replace memorisation and rote learning with meaningful understanding. I love watching the faces of my students who suddenly ‘get’ what a certain word means, rather than just complete a series of meaningless steps to get an answer. One day, who knows, we might even have filmed sessions to Offer !

Weeks Available Term 1:

  • Sep 13-17
  • Sep 27-Oct 1
  • Oct 11-15
  • Oct 25-29
  • Nov 8-12
  • Nov 22-26
  • Dec 6-10

Weeks Available Term 2:

  • Jan 10-14
  • Jan 24-28
  • Feb 7-11
  • Feb 21-25
  • Mar 7-11
  • Mar 21-25

Book using my online Calendar HERE or click on the link below – Book Slot 1, 2 or 3 either 1hr or 1.5hrs.

For this experimental period: September to December 2021 I will charge my normal $50.00 and it will include the prep and write up time (15 minutes before and 15 minutes after your session).

  • 1hr Session is $50.00
  • 1.5hr Session is $75.00

Payment is by etransfer at the time of booking. If a booking has been made and therefore paid for and illness means you have to cancel, the payment will be held for your next session. The following chart simply shows you costs that might help your budgetary planning.

I love taking Davis programs a little further, I wish I had understood what Physics really meant when I was at school, I would have enjoyed it more! I look forward to hearing from you.


When you click on “Book Here” you will be taken to my online scheduler. If you are booking multiple sessions you will have an option during booking to “schedule another event”. You will receive a confirmation email for each session separately.