I have been thinking about the considerable number of you who are considering home schooling or home learning or supporting your children with online schooling. I have also had fun supporting adults with their career advancement.  So I have decided to structure the rest of this calendar year to be available to work with those of you who are educating at home. The sessions that I am talking about are apart from the normal post-program review sessions where I support your tools, reading and word mastery. I can offer: 
  • Consulting on chosen homeschooling program – what Davis methods/mastery would enhance.
  • Consulting on adult training material – what Davis methods/mastery would enhance.
  • Choosing study topic terms to master such as Algebra, Botany, Geography; so there is a deeper understanding of what a student is asked to study; ensuring the information has a platform on which to land.
  • Study skills such as note taking and visual mind mapping.
  • Creating a plan for the coming term, year, exams.
  • In the near future there will be Fish Don’t Climb Trees workbooks to cover Spelling, Time, Grammar and taking Math beyond a Davis Math Mastery program.
All of the above is designed to replace memorisation and rote learning with meaningful understanding. I love watching the faces of my students who suddenly ‘get’ what a certain word means, rather than just complete a series of meaningless steps to get an answer. One day, who knows, we might even have filmed sessions to offer ! Weeks Available Term 1: September to December 2022  !  Contact me for more information suehall@positivedyslexia.com or 604-614-4958