Fish Don’t Climb Trees Talk At The Lynn Valley Library

Sue is excited to be able to introduce information about dyslexia that is so different from the norm, Wednesday, April 5, 2017 – Fish Don’t Climb Trees talk at the Lynn Valley Library – 7pm-8pm.  Many years ago she watched the Knowledge Network film “Deciphering Dyslexia” and recently she watched the HBO film “Decoding Dyslexia” .  While both were well made films, created by well-intentioned  caring people, and had an encouraging and uplifting theme, they presented the symptoms rather than the real reason for the existence of dyslexia.  They presented the same old adage, perseverance will win the day, just find something you are good at, dyslexics need early intervention and accommodations.  She found it very difficult to listen to.

Sue knows that if you remove the reason for a problem, the problem ceases to exist.  For 19 years she has been working with individuals who have the ‘gift of dyslexia’, and who are learning able.  She still sees learning disability labels abounding, and traditional remedial methods trying to change the children instead of changing the system that created the challenges in the first place.   Still her clients arrive believing themselves to be stupid.

Sue knows it doesn’t have to be this way, and is very much looking forward to sharing this with you !  See you there! The talk is free, but please call 604.982.0092 to register as space is limited, thank you.