Davis Learning Strategies Workshop

Davis Learning Strategies Online April 2021 ! A transformational workshop….the missing piece in Primary Education. This two day, hands-on workshop for primary teachers provides unique, fun, transformative and innovative strategies for classroom management and improving reading instruction. Homeschool parents of primary age children…

Would you like to…

  • Reach all the children in your class regardless of their learning style
  • Tap into the creative learning process of all children
  • Improve reading skills using the natural kinesthetic learning style of young children
  • Help acquire lifelong ‘how to learn’ skills

Manage your classroom more effectively

  • Help children focus, stay on task and pay attention
  • Build self esteem through success
  • Give children ‘self management’ skills

Have methods that are easy, fun and flexible to use

  • Can be easily integrated into your existing curriculum
  • Easily scheduled for teacher and children
  • Time frames are flexible from student to student

Meet early intervention needs

  • Improve the reading skills and performance level of all the children
  • Gifted referrals increase and special education referrals decrease
  • At risk children score significantly higher