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6 Week Parent Support Course
6 - 2 hour sessions online live with Sue Hall

Would you like to be better equipped to help your neurodiverse learner with their homework and avoid the frustrations? You know your children are bright, you know they are trying hard, and you see the results of their efforts just don’t match.  True knowledge is experiential, so this course enables you to be in their shoes, it’s practical, hands-on and designed to empower you.  

Homelearning Support Available for Positive Dyslexia Students

Considering home schooling, homelearning or support for online schooling ? I am available to work with those of you who are educating at home.  To read more about support sessions please visit my page.

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fish don't climb trees jumping fish sue blyth hall
Fish don't climb trees audiobook now available at audible amazon and itunes
SO EXCITED to announce that the Audio Version of Fish Don’t Climb Trees is now on Audible, Amazon and coming soon to iTunes.
Have the Conversation Podcast with Calla and Leanne. They speak with Sue Hall on dyslexia.

Inside of this episode:

↣ What is dyslexia and is there a solution?

↣ Discussion on Various Coping Strategies for Learning Types.

↣ Davis Learning Strategies for the Whole Class

↣ The relationship between a good diet and your ability.

Have the Conversation Podcast with Sue Hall about Dyslexia

The Quiet Warrior Show with Tom Dutta

Tom Dutta interviews Sue Blyth Hall, Chair and Founder of The Whole Dyslexic Society. 

Dyslexia: Enable The Learning Difference. TEDx BearCreekPark

2021 could not be off to a more exciting start – a dream fulfilled – a TEDx talk !! So grateful for this opportunity to spread a much needed message – widely !

We’re here to help

Hi – welcome to this site – I am Sue Hall – I have a feeling you need to know that you or your child is just fine – there is no learning disability – he or she, just happens to learn in a different way from the conventional education system – and the conventional remedial methods.

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Available Now: Fish Don’t Climb Trees

Author Sue Hall, understands dyslexia from the inside out – as a dyslexic person with vivid recollections of frustrations experienced in elementary school; as a parent who searched for and found a solution to enable a once-struggling child to learn to become a reader; and as a talented Davis® Facilitator with eighteen years of hands-on experience working with children and adults.


We're committed to helping people.

Are you creative and intelligent, but struggle with reading, writing, math, comprehension, learning and paying attention? Positive Dyslexia is committed to helping people of all ages overcome their learning challenges.



The Fellowship of the Gift

Children who have completed a Davis Dyslexia Correction Program are invited to join the Fellowship of the Gift. We meet as often as we can to take part in activities such as a claymation workshop, building a snow cave, llama trekking, sky diving, visiting a bio-dynamic farm, snow-shoeing taking part in the UBC ropes course, kayaking, horse riding and curling. At the end of June we have a weekend Family Summer Camp – we’ve been to Camp Elphinstone at Gibsons, Camp Latona, Camp Jubilee, Camp Bow-Isle.

Thank you for spending that golden hour with me. My brain is CHANGED! I'll be in touch.
Program Participant
I feel smarter every day and I'm proud of myself.
8 yr old program graduate
G has learned a lot more than mastery of words and images. He has grown a lot this week being responsible for his learning and enjoying it!! I can't wait to see how he goes from here!!
Program Participant
K. being the sensitive soul he is, had a few tears last night. He's sad that his week with you is over. You made him feel so comfortable with himself and his abilities. He was more himself with you than he's been able to be with anyone, probably ever. And for that we are so grateful! I've already noticed a huge difference in K's confidence. He's been telling people about this week with you with such pride and excitement. Thank you again for all that you did last week. You've changed our lives ! PS: K's vision therapy. 3 of the 4 exercises were next to impossible 2 weeks ago. Today....he mastered them ALL!!! the first time ! Within minutes he was finished what used to take him 20 minutes of frustration for everyone. A couple of times he got caught up, and I saw him close is eyes, breathe and then he corrected himself and carried on! ...was beaming. So am I. Amazing ! PPS: The Vision Therapist is interested in learning about the Davis Program!
Program Participant